Veteran’s Tattoo Submission

22 veterans will commit suicide today. PTSD is an epidemic affecting our nation’s warriors and 22 American heoes chooing to end their lives every day is unacceptable.

We here at Treasure Island Tattoo Co. would like to help. We are veteran owned and we employ other veterans as well. Having recently learned that tattoo sessions are very therapeutic we want to give back.

We have decided to provide a veteran every Friday with a complimentary tattoo. In hopes that it will help give back to our veterans and provide support.

Simply fill out a submission and provide us with a little info about yourself adn the tattoo you would like to get. All ages and all branches are welcome to participate. The one and only criteria is that we keep the tattoo to a moderate size. We are suggesting 4×4 inches. Please keep in mind that we recieve several submissions and we hope to get to every single one.

This is by no means a competition or a selection process. Again all are welcome.

We look forward to meeting you all very soon.

Submit Your Tattoo